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Business Promotion: Your steps to success

images (2)Potentially there are  hundreds of ways to promote your new or existing business. Assuming your clients and  targets. We are here to discuss few methods through which you  can promote your business.

Contacts: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. This little phrase holds a great deal of water in the small-scale Web design industry. When you’re first starting out, you’ll find that a lot of your work comes in via word of mouth promotion. It’s therefore very important to make connections early. Do a few free sites for local charities, community groups and organisations – this is a great way to build up your portfolio and also spread your name around potential client firms. Eventually you’ll be approached by ‘a friend of a friend of so-and-so’ who wants a site designed. This is an example of ‘viral marketing’ and is one of the most effective methods you can use to promote any business.

Free Gifts: This method does take some capital investment to start with, but can yield good results if it’s done properly and is correctly targeted. Invest in some branded mouse-mats, barrel colors for ink pens, coasters etc to promote your business. Try to aim for items that executives would keep on their desks. Desk calendars are especially good for this purpose because they’ll be in use for a whole year if you’re lucky, and cardboard ones are fairly inexpensive.

The advantage of these items over traditional business cards is that they’re more likely to be kept, plus your contact/business information generally remains on open view, as opposed to being in a wallet, purse or filing system somewhere.This will help get your company name and details out to your target audience, and will hopefully get your name and details seen by the right people

Your Business Website: This site is it – your big chance to knock the socks off of your potential clients! Here’s your opportunity to show them what you can do, to tell them exactly how your company can help them and why they should choose you over the competition. Never forget that first impressions count, and if your portfolio isn’t the best you can make in terms of design, layout and content, you’re selling yourself short straight away.

A Website for your business is very important. Hey, it’s what you do, isn’t it? Aim for a crisp, clean design that emphasises your professionalism and skill. Give your potential clients as much information as you think they’ll need. Remember, this is most likely going to be your first point of contact with a potential client, and could determine right away whether or not the contract goes to your company, or Joe Bloggs Inc down the road.

Business Cards: Yes, we’re living in the 21st century, and yes, it’s the digital era, the age of technology, the future and all that, but let’s be honest: nothing beats a business card for quick, effective promotion.

Let’s take an example: You’re out with some friends at a suave local get-together. You start chatting to a friend of a friend; the topic of conversation turns (as always) to work; she asks what you do; you tell her you build Websites for a small to medium sized companies in your area. Eureka! It turns out she’s the owner of Jane’s Boutique, a fashionable designer clothing outlet in town. What’s more, she’s been toying with the idea of investing in an e-commerce enabled Website for her business, so she can accept orders online and break into mail order. This gets better and better. So you tell her you’d certainly be interested in helping her out (for a fee of course) and that she should give you a call.

Advertise: Of course, you could always go the traditional route and advertise. Targeted advertising is the key here; billboards and the sides of buses simply won’t cut it. Try placing an advert in the local newspaper, or target your market even further by advertising in publications specifically published for small business owners in your local area. These will vary depending on where you are and what the local economy is like, so take some time to research the various advertising mediums available before you commit yourself to anything.

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